What is inxire ECM?

inxire ECM is a highly scalable, integrated, well-engineered Content Management platform.

A stable and reliable core, innovative add-on modules and a fully-customizable UI, inexpensive to buy and operate. In short - you get good value for your money.

A broad range of functionality for Content Management and Enterprise 2.0, as one can expect from a modern, comprehensive ECM solution: inxire has put all this together in one software.

inxire ECM can be used as intranet solution, to build internet websites, or DMS solutions with a compliant archiving system. Service and support directly from the maker provide short project duration and optimum customizing.

A browser-independent 100% web user interface and numerous file and Web Services interfaces provide hassle-free operation with a small resources footprint, while it fits well into even heterogenous system environments and Service-Oriented Architectures.

With inxire ECM you manage any type of content in a media-neutral manner. It scales over multiple orders of magnitude and is perfect for heavy-duty environments without being too expensive. Last but not least, affordable starter packages enable even small companies to start with integrated ECM.