A Safe Investment

Even in business-critical areas, companies rely on inxire. Experience and see what makes inxire a safe investment.

Nowadays, choosing the right ECM system is crucial for every company. Learn about the strong reasons why your decision to invest in inxire ECM is reasonable and safe.

A Well-Engineered, Stable and Available Basis

As basic infrastructure, inxire ECM uses well-engineered content and archive components of the Oracle database. Using standard program interfaces (APIs) only, inxire guarantees releases independent from respective Oracle versions (9i to 12c).

Based on well-documented best practice concepts developed by inixre, an optimum use of the Oracle products can be achieved, decoupling the functionality of inxire ECM from the infrastructure underneath to a large extent. This is why our customers can use any supported Oracle version with inxire ECM.

Souce Code Deposit and Licensing

The source code of inxire ECM including customizing can be securely deposit at a certified Escrow company, documented and tested. If neccessary, our customers may access the sources. In special cases, for example if an own further development is required, inxire ECM can be licensed entirely on a source code basis.

Open Industry Standards

inxire ECM is developed along open, not-proprietary industry standards. By complying with specifiations of W3C, OASIS, JSR and WfMC, any solution built with inxire ECM is standardised and thus, one step ahead the competition.

Any software components are developed in Java and fulfil the criterias of Java Enterprise standard (Java EE, formerly J2EE). This guarantees the capability of running even in frequently changing IT environments, because inxire ECM runs in many Application Server.

Major Partners

While inxire itself is mainly focussed on development and maintenance of inxire ECM, partnering with well-known software and system vendors like Oracle, Hewlett-Packard or Siemens, provides additional economical security and reliability in large projects.

Why Companies Trust inxire

inxire stands for experience and competence in the area of ECM. The reasons to go with inxire ECM persuade more and more firms, among them even globally active and listed companies.

In several companies which built business-critical applications based on inxire ECM, inxire passed all tests and fulfilled any criteria as a reliable and highly productive supplier.

inxire ECM is a maintained product with regular release cycles, clear contractual terms, professional online and phone support and short distances between customers and development team, thus providing transperent business connections.

Last but not least, inxire has a stable ownership and is independent from investors and expectation of yield. This makes inxire ECM a safe investment.