inxire ECM is really integrated

Content Management, Audit-compliant Archiving and Collaboration Features for the needs of Enterprise 2.0 - anything put together in one single piece of software.

The biggest advantage of inxire ECM is its integrated basis: Everything is cast from the same mold and interconnected on a functional level.

While other competitors added features to their portfolio by acquiring companies and provide integration only on marketing level or through expensive integration projects with unmanageable risks, inxire ECM is a priori integrated in its core.

User's Benefits

inxire ECM has clear benefits for users: A single user interface with a consistent access rights management system, a central, comprehensive search, providing equal usability in any functional area.

There's an essential point where the high integration degree is of great value in particular: Integration on functional level, for example when it is required to connect a blog entry with a wiki article or document residing in the DMS. With inxire ECM this is possible without entering URLs - and the relations remain stable throughout the entire content lifetime, even when moved to the archive.

Start Quick and Cost-Effective - Projects without Integration Costs

The high integration degree saves from interminable integration projects. A typical inxire ECM project is finished in only a few weeks. Simple customizing or implementation of a corporate design is done within even shorter time.

With inxire ECM you can achieve one objective: Create a consistent, company-wide solution for Content, Document, Process and Knowledge Management as well as Social Software, and avoid isolated applications.

Inexpensive Operation due to High Integration Degree

As a really integrated system, inxire ECM can replace multiple software products - often completely different systems, even when they from the same manufacturer.

From the operator's perspective, administering an integrated system is a lot easier because less products and less interfaces are involved. This has a positive influence on future updates as well, because they will be less expensive due to reduced mutual dependencies.

Common Core, Continously Developed

All functional areas like Content Management, Archiving and Collaboration share a single common core and function together. Anything is based on a modern, homogenous infrastructure free from internal interfaces.

All inxire ECM components are developed by the same team, perfectly balanced to fulfil all requirements. In addition, any individual specification can be met in short customizing projects.