Innovative and Flexible

Innovation means to us: Have good ideas, be flexible, quick, and consequently focused on customer's needs. But also provide outstanding usability, continuity and stability.

There's an increasing pressure to adopt to market changes in today's global information and finance networks. Companies expect their suppliers to deliver tools not only for their present challenges, but also to have ideas and visions for tomorrow.

Enterprise 2.0 - inxire's Intention from the Very Beginning

Managing and editing unstructured information with web-based applications has become a vital factor of success for companies.

This was already drafted in inxire's 2002 business plan.

"Globalization of the markets [...] require quick adaption of company structures and proceses. Therefor, IT and the Internet in particular, play a more and more important role. Company-wide communcation and information platforms have to ensure an efficient distribution of information."

Today, a really integrated platform for Enterprise 2.0 is available: inxire ECM. Unlike competitor solutions, inxire ECM is well-engineered and thus always one step ahead of its rivals.

Usability as Crucial Factor of Acceptance

Due to the large amount of functions comprehensive ECM systems provide, usability has become a crucial factor of user's acceptance. The question is whether all the features fit the real use cases and is the system easy to use?

Essential parts of the user interface of the new inxire ECM 5 have been revised leading to an unmatched usability, especially when it comes to the integration of functional areas.

Service-orientierted Architecture

Any function of inxire ECM is available as a Web Service as well. That makes inxire ECM an important component of a Service-oriented Architecture (SOA), suitable for seamless integration.

inxire ECM's system architecure is designed for extremly short response times and maximum data throughput, particularily showing its strength in perfomance-critical applications.

Fast and Flexible - Stable and Reliable as Well

Efficient requirements management, consistent focus on customer's needs, short development cycles - these are the fundamentals that make inxire fast and flexible.

In contrast to some other competitor, we take the liberty to define our goals on a long-term scale, which is unusual today. In today's fast moving software industry, values like continuity, stability and reliability become innovative once again.