inxire to continue development of Oracle CM SDK!

With the release of Oracle CM SDK as an open source product, Oracle has once again reinforced its commitment to the open source community. A strategy that the company has already successfully pursued with the release of GlassFish and Java.

And now, with the decision of inxire, the leading, Frankfurt-based ECM provider, to drive the further development of Oracle CM SDK as an open source solution, the long-term future of this technology is guaranteed.

"This mature, robust and flexible ECM infrastructure based on the Oracle database is optimally tailored to the requirements of business-critical ECM applications. Continuing the development of Oracle CM SDK is a perfect complement to our range of services and rounds off our solution portfolio. We are happy to make a commitment to the Oracle CM SDK user community to continue the success story of this product. Professional support and expert services are, of course, an integral part of what we provide. This means that our customers have access to expertise from a single source. At the same time, it means a major protection of investment for the customers. There is great interest worldwide, we have already had several queries from the USA, Australia and elsewhere", comments Toni Schnell, inxire Managing Director, on the strategic decision of the Frankfurt IT specialist.

The long-term future of the Oracle CM SDK technology is guaranteed:

We are happy to make a commitment to the Oracle CM SDK community to continue the success story of this product."

Toni Schnell, Managing Director

Professional support from an experienced team

Since 2002 when it began developing inxire ECM, the company has worked with Oracle CM SDK. As an Oracle Gold Partner, inxire can look back on many years experience and numerous clients who now use this solution. In addition, for several years now, inxire has been providing add-on modules for this Oracle technology. These include inxire Credential Management, a component for user synchronization and authentication for LDAP servers, and inxire CM SDK Control, a proven tool for monitoring and administration of the Oracle CM SDK runtime environment.

Range of deployment scenarios

For many companies, including inxire, Oracle CM SDK is the world's most scalable and flexible content management infrastructure. This infrastructure is based on the Oracle database and is currently in use at many inxire customers including Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn, the German Armed Forces, BMW, UniCredit, Orange, and General Motors. Since 2011, Oracle CM SDK has been available as a middleware-independent version and has continuously been enhanced with significant future‑oriented functions. These include comprehensive auditing and event handling, lifecycle management, and clustering. The current version of Oracle CM SDK is Big Data Ready and has been certified amongst others for the newest versions of the Oracle middleware products such as Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle GlassFish Server.

In addition to its use for Big Data applications, inxire foresees significant demand for this robust platform in

  • Social ECM

  • Systems with high demands on compliance and data security

  • Archiving for enterprise applications such as SAP

  • Transaction-based file systems

  • Sophisticated Enterprise Content Management solutions

Initial development objectives

In the short term, inxire will provide an updated open source version of Oracle CM SDK which, in addition to providing support for Oracle Database 12c, will also ensure compatibility with Java 1.7.

The company expects to release the cloud version by the end of this year. In the near future, a product roadmap will provide information on additional product functionality. Watch this space!