New Documentation Solution for Machinery and Plant Engineering Sector: inxire Manuals

Technical documentation made easier – Content Management and Desktop Publishing in a single environment

Using inxire Manuals, you can create technical documentation such as manuals, operating procedures or catalogs efficiently and legally compliant, and publish them in all types of media.

For the smooth operation of technical plants, it is critical that all information is easily accessible. This applies especially to service instructions, product descriptions, installation guides, and maintenance manuals. The development and publishing of these documents is currently changing from a static documentation process to an interactive provider process. Companies today must operate location‑specifically or even across borders and still manage to observe all legal requirements. inxire Manuals is perfectly tailored to meet this challenge.

inxire Manuals is based on the inxire ECM solution which, for several years now, has been a highly‑scalable, integrated, and proven content management platform that manages contents of all types independent of medium. It is cost effective and meets the highest performance standards. The new module enables you to produce complex technical documentation in a highly efficient manner.

Much faster return on investment:

Toni Schnell, Managing Director

"inxire Manuals is a further component in our range of specialized content management solutions which we continue to expand.

We tailor standard functionality to fit your specific application cases thus making the benefits of Enterprise Content Management and the resulting return on investment available to you even faster"

The functional enhancements of the editorial module include easy creation of reusable documentation modules, formatting them for specific target groups, and publishing them with a few mouse-clicks in the various media.

The innovative platform thus integrates the range of services of the Publishing and Content Management System (CMS) in a user-friendly environment. It is based on both of the internationally relevant documentation standards and combines the flexibility of DITA with the structured and proven concepts of DocBook. Thanks to the numerous interfaces, including those with SAP, you can easily insert information from third-party systems into current documentation.

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